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Friday, October 16, 2020

White marriage in Italy .How can a husband obtain residency after obtaining the contract?

White marriage in Italy .How can a husband obtain residency after obtaining the contract?

White marriage in Italy is that immigration from the mother country takes place secretly and then goes to the intended country and marries one of its citizens to obtain residency or nationality of the state, and this matter takes place inside Italy, so we find that there are many immigrants who carry out this process Secretarians, and even that the matter may apply to immigrants and travelers in general, their desire to obtain permanent residency or Italian citizenship pushes them to white marriage, which is marriage in the event of reaching residency and then separation or divorce!


Required papers in order for the white marriage to take place in Italy
Marriage to an Italian citizen requires some documents from the immigrant, which are:
·         Certificate explaining marital status, whether widowed, celibate or divorced.
·         birth certificate
·         A valid passport.
·         Husband and wife card.
All documents are translated into Italian and certified by a translator, and in the event that the immigrant is a clandestine immigrant and cannot bring the documents with him, he must act as an agency for a mediator who can prepare the papers and send them to him. marriage.
What does the civil interest do in marriage?
    When people go to the Civil Status Authority, it is responsible for declaring or announcing this marriage, and since its announcement, it waits for a period of 8 to 20 days until it is known that there was anyone who objected to this marriage.
    In the event that there is nothing or anyone opposing the marriage, after eight days most often the Civil Status Authority decides to set a date for the division between each of the husband and wife, and after this section the spouses can obtain the contract for their marriage.
Obtaining Italian citizenship through marriage
We also explained that what is granted to an immigrant who is married to an Italian citizen in the beginning is the right to residency for a period of five years, renewable, but what about obtaining Italian citizenship ??
    Italian citizenship is obtained after two years of marriage, meaning that the marriage must last for two years in order to be able to obtain citizenship and that the two spouses live in Italy and not abroad.
    If they live outside Italy, it may take longer to obtain citizenship, and of course one of the things that increase the chance of obtaining Italian citizenship is that the spouses have children who hold Italian citizenship.


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