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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Obtaining legal residency papers from a white marriage in Germany


Obtaining legal residency papers from a white marriage in Germany
Obtaining legal residence papers based on white marriage in Germany forces many of those who were forced by circumstances to immigrate to Germany, either without a Schengen visa or residing in any illegal way, to perform a white marriage or a favorable marriage in order to settle their legal status.
An immigrant who is not available on a Schengen visa offers an amount of money to a German girl (or who holds German citizenship through naturalization) in exchange for her marriage to him on paper only.
When authorized, after the establishment of the marriage contract, he can guarantee the residence card.


The means are approved by the authorities to reveal that this marriage is a white marriage
There are many clear signs indicating that a marriage may be a marriage of convenience, we mention for example:
It is the marriage of a German partner to another, who is often a secret immigrant.
·         That the age difference is very large.
·         Providing incorrect data on the part of one of the two partners for the other partner.
·         Giving one of the spouses false information about himself in order to miss the correct information.
·         That the age difference is very large.
·         The lack of language between the spouses until there is communication between them.
·         That one of the spouses uttered receiving a measure of money as a gift without the meals of the marriage dowry.
·         The absence of messages, memories or pictures shared between the spouses.
The availability of one of these indicators makes the police search deeply in order to identify the true causes of this marriage


Consequences and consequences of white marriage
The secret immigrant will be denied the benefit of immigration to Germany if it is proven that he relied on white marriage.
The residence will also be withdrawn from him if he obtained it through this marriage.
He will be punished and fined, and it may even lead to imprisonment.
As for the German partner, he will be punished for smuggling an illegal resident in addition to providing incorrect information to the competent authorities.


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