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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Travel to Canada for free and get an opportunity to be educated and appointed immediately in this profession

Travel to Canada for free and get an opportunity to be educated and appointed immediately in 

this profession

Because some Canadian provinces suffer from a shortage in nursing .. New Brunswick County (Novo Brunswick) revealed an idea of ​​gold according to the voice of Canada to remedy this imbalance, as it opened the door to bring in foreign students and students for free education, and then immediately appointed to solve the shortage problem in Novo Brunswick
The Université de Moncton temporary president, Jacques-Paul Couturier, seeks to recruit about a dozen foreign students and students every year to specialize in nursing sciences at his university, with a promise from the university for each of them with a guaranteed job in Novo Brunswick upon graduation.

The provisional president of this university, which provides lessons in French, believes that the recruitment of French-speaking nursing students from abroad is a "very promising" option to increase the number of French-speaking nurses in Novo Brunswick.
French speakers make up about a third of the population of this Atlantic province.

The University of Moncton is looking at the Francophone countries of Africa, especially the countries of the Maghreb, as well as Europe, in order to bring students studying nursing science to its seats.

Réseau de santé Vitalité, the Francophone public health care network in Novo Brunswick, says it supports this project that Moncton University is working on “100%,” and pledges to employ all foreign students that the university will bring in after they finish nursing.
“We pledge to employ these future graduates in our institutions if they meet our competency standards,” Vitalite confirmed in the first email.

New students will be able to specialize in nursing science at the Moncton University campuses in Edmundston and Shepagan, in addition to Moncton, the major city of Novo Brunswick and where the university is headquartered.

Couturier believes that the government of Novo Brunswick should contribute to covering the expenses of education for future nurses coming from overseas, especially since university tuition has recently increased by 8% to exceed $ 11,000 annually for the foreign student, that is, about twice the university tuition for a Canadian student or holder of permanent residence in Canada.

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