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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Fruit Picking Jobs

Fruit Picking Jobs
Fruit Picking Jobs In Australia (Seasonal or temporary work) are excellent options for those who do not have sufficient knowledge of English or do not want to leave their country for a long time. 

Australia in this case is just an ideal country.
Australia is a fertile country for seasonal workers.

 Something is being collected all year round. You just need to be at the right time in the right place. Working on a farm is good for your health - fresh air, simple village food, space, the ability to live close to work and walk on it and back.

In Australia, orchard farms that grow fruit and berry plantations to harvest all comers for a moderate fee enjoy great pepperiness. 

During the summer months, when most of the Australian fruits ripen, this is family fun and tradition. 

In addition to the freshest fruits, plucked directly from the bush, adults with children come to the garden to relax in the fresh air, combined with physical activity in picking berries and a picnic in nature.
Fruit harvesting seasons vary between states. 

For example, in Queensland, which is the national supplier of a third of all Australian agricultural products, the crop ripens year-round, while in New South Wales, the season begins in November and ends in April.

In addition to differences in fruit ripening seasons, the types of fruit grown in Australia also vary from state to state. Victoria, due to the cooler climate, is a leader in the cultivation of cherries, strawberries and raspberries. South Australia is famous for its vineyards and, as a result, the beautiful Australian wines produced in it, and Queensland - for banana plantations. 

 Salary, How to Find a Job
The most popular places to work are: Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra (Capital), Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Hobart.

Salary for the job:
Fruit picker in Australia - USD 2160
Average salary in Australia - USD 3040

Effect of work experience on salary:
Experienced: + 8%
Mid-career: + 2%
Entry-level: -7% 

Benefits for employees 

Pension insurance (Pension plan): No
Health insurance: No
Internal and external courses and training: No
Career development plan for employees: No

Typical requirements for work 

Required education level: High school diploma
Computer knowledge: Not required
Probationary period: No
Foreign language knowledge: Not required
Driving license: Not required
Work experience: Effect on salary - Low

Forms of employment:
Full Time
Part time (Part-time)
Seasonal work
Project work
Other types of work
Sector sector: agriculture, forest and fishing

Working hours and paid vacation
Working week: Monday - Friday
Number of working hours per week: 38
Overtime work: No
Number of paid days: 20
Non-working holidays: 10
Break for lunch: Often
Duration of a lunch break: 30 minutes
Flexible working hours: Often 

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